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Technical Reports and papers

The content contained within the Research section of the site is for archival purposes, and may or may not be current.

Community network development guide  A short, checklist-style guide to community-wide network planning, both for telecommunications infrastructure and content/education development. A step by step approach is outlined that identifies key activities and needs.

Telecommunications for neighborhoods and communities: four key areas of investment  This paper discusses the key structural impediments to an open telecommunications marketplace in communities and neighborhoods, reviews some of the history of community infrastructure investment, and offers some steps that communities can take to begin to create a level playing field for open, private sector investment in telecommunications.

These three one page handouts provide an illustrated overview of:

  • Economic Development in the Information Age  A one page overview of the key factors that are driving economic development initiatives in the 21st century.
  • Community networks what they offer, and how a community benefits from having one. This handout summarizes a why communities should invest in and support a community network.
  • Telecommunications infrastructure  issues for communities, four important areas of investment, and key ideas related to getting communities ready for the 21st century Information Economy.

Thinking Chaordically: The future of communities and technology The closing plenary speech delivered at the 10th Annual CTCNet conference in San Diego (June 2001). The paper proposes a new way of developing active collaborations at the neighborhood, community, and regional level that creates an I win--you win environment for all potential public and private partners.

Broadband and Barbecue in Texas  The keynote speech delivered at the annual TCRC Broadband Conference in Austin, Texas (August 2001). The paper discusses the similarities between barbecue and broadband connectivity, as well the importance of community infrastructure and how to get started on community network projects.

Networks and the knowledge democracy: Nine challenges for communities Keynote address at the Bridge Builders' Conference...Over the Digital Divide. Conference held at Delaware State University, 9/14 - 9/15/2000. The paper identifies nine key issues that communities must address to participate fully in the Information Age.

Building eCommunities: Getting everyone connected  Remarks to the Governor's Commission on Information Technology. Ecommunities in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the needs of Virginia citizens and communities trying to participate in the Information Economy.

Community-based Broadband Telecommunications Infrastructure  A short report on the key elements of a community-based infrastructure, including fiber and much information on the BEV's innovative MSAP (Multimedia Services Access Point), the next generation Internet exchange for local communities. Updated with new material 8/29/00.

Finding the way: A perspective on the knowledge democracy and community learning  Keynote addressed delivered to the Digital Bridges conference sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education in Seattle, Washington, August 17, 2000. This report discusses community and educational technology needs, with an emphasis on determining needs before purchasing computers and software.

21st Century Communities: A Short Introduction  (provides an overview of the "smart" community--its features and characteristics, an introduction to the characteristics and roles of a community network, the kinds of services community networks should offer, and key success factors and staffing roles for a community network.

The digital continuum: A community perspective  Text of the keynote speech delivered at the Bridging the Digital Divide conference, Wilmington, DE, February 18, 2000. Communities networks can play an important role in helping everyone in the community learn to use the Internet and to participate in the Information Economy.

Community networks: A web of relationships Text of the presentation delivered to L'Institute de l'Economie Urbaine, Paris, France, February 25, 2000. A discussion of the various relationships among the many partners and users of the BEV over the history of the project. Also contains a discussion of the kinds of partners and users of a community network that might be started today. (English and French; En anglais et francais)

Nine Questions for Community Networks  Text of the keynote speech delivered at the Second Annual Texas Community Network Conference, Austin, Texas, December 14, 1999. Nine issues that community networks must address in the new millenium.

Sustaining Civic Networks: A Blueprint for Community Use of Technology  A comprehensive overview of the key roles and activities of community and civic networks, including a set of recommendations and action items for starting a CN project.

BEV Research Summary  A summary of recent BEV research (through mid-1999) studies. This report includes survey results, use data, and user studies that suggest diffusing Internet use widely in the community increases civic engagement and makes it more likely (not less) that people will become more involved in the life of the community.

BEV/VT Cabling Standards  A compilation of key design and construction issues when installing copper and fiber cable both in and between buildings.

Managing Information in an Online Community

Plan of Action for Putting Town Government on the BEV

BEV T1 Ethernet Configuration

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