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BEV Domain Name Service Support Request

The charge for BEV-provided DNS service is as follows:

  • $31.15/year for primary or secondary service for a full domain (e.g. "", "".)
  • $31.15/year for delegation of a subdomain of a local community zone to a different DNS server (e.g. "" delegated to your own DNS server.)
  • $31.15/year for a single hostname in a local community zone (e.g. "".)
  • $31.15/year for primary or secondary service for two or more hostnames collected under a single local community subdomain (e.g. "" and "".)
  • There is no charge for deletions, or for customer domains required to support other BEV-supplied full-feature services such as websites.

You will receive a bill from Communications Network Services at Virginia Tech for Domain Name Service. Failure to pay will result in service termination. See the BEV Domain Name Server Support document for more information.