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BEV Email Services

BEV is not adding services for new customers at the current time. We are continuing to support existing customers.

Email Basics

Email service is independent of Internet access. Just as you can access many Web servers on the Web, you can use any email server on which you have an account.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) issue a single email address to you as part of your Internet access package. One address may not be sufficient if you need to differentiate among several kinds of email: work-related, personal, hobby-related or for family members who need an email address. You may also prefer an email address that does not change even if you switch to a different ISP.

Features and Fees

A basic email address (e.g. and email box is $22.50/yr. The mailbox features:

  • Easy password changes using a Web-based form
  • Easy mail forwarding to another account
  • Support for messages with attachments and enclosures up to 10 megabytes
  • Mailbox storage provided for total contents up to 32 megabytes
  • Custom email address domains are available for an additional fee (e.g.,

Registration and policies

Currently, BEV is not accepting registrations for new email accounts.

Users of the VT/BEV network services are subject to the guidelines set forth in the Virginia Tech Acceptable Use Policy. Violations of this policy may result in an immediate suspension of the account(s) and the offender may be prosecuted.

Email message size is limited to 10 Mb including attachments, messages over 60 days old may be purged from the server, and mailboxes are limited to contents totaling 32 Mb.

The BEV.NET email server will be routinely available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The server may occasionally need to be shutdown for system maintanence; whenever possible these outages will be scheduled during early morning hours, usually 4 am - 7 am.

If you already have your own domain name, the BEV can provide custom email addresses (e.g., These email boxes have the same features as the standard account but in addition to the $22.50 yearly fee there is a yearly MX record charge of $120.00/year.

Large blocks of email addresses can be purchased at a reduced rate. 

Changing your password

Use your web browser to make changes to your BEV.NET email account at

You will be prompted for your username and password. The username is in the form of The password is the same one you use to check your email account. If you have not yet changed your password, it is the one you requested when you signed up for the account.

To change your password, type the new one in both of the text areas provided. Bear in mind that the password is CaSe-senSiTive, so remember exactly how you typed it. Your password must not start or end with a space or tab character. For added security, we recommend that you use a "Pass Phrase" that uses first letters of the words in a phrase and contains at least one non-alphabetic character. As an example the phrase "I have 2 children - Amy &John" becomes the password Ih2c-A&J. These types of passwords are much harder for people and programs to guess.

After you have selected and entered your password, click on "Submit" (or "Reset" to cancel).

The BEV office can make password changes for you if you are unable to use the online forms, but there is $10 administrative fee for doing so.

Forwarding your mail

You can forward your email from your new account to one or more accounts by entering the full email addresses using the same web interface you use to change your password. Each of the recipients listed in the forwarding field will receive copies of all your mail. You can specify as many forwarding addresses as you need, entering them one per line.

The BEV office can make forwarding changes for you if you are unable to use the online forms, but there is $10 administrative fee for doing so.

BEV.ORG Email Accounts

A number of users already have BEV.ORG email accounts. These are not changing at this time. BEV.ORG email service is similar to BEV.NET email service, but has the following differences:

  • Additional BEV.ORG accounts are no longer being added to the server. New individual email users will receive mailboxes with BEV.NET addresses.
  • The web page for BEV.ORG password and forwarding changes is at
  • BEV.ORG email users should configure their client software to use incoming (POP3) hostname: