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Community Services

BEV is not adding services for new customers at the current time. We are continuing to support existing customers.

The BEV offers a wide variety of Internet-based services to Blacksburg area citizens, civic groups, and non-profit organizations. Following is a list of our most commonly requested services for community organizations.


Individual mail accounts are available to anyone in the community for personal or non-commercial use. Cost is $22.50/year. Addresses are of the form

Civic Web Sites

The BEV offers two packages to community and civic organizations.

The standard Community Connections service provides groups with a web site, two email accounts, and a mailing list for $20/year. The URL is of the form

The premium Community Connections service provides a web site using the organization's domain name, three email accounts, and two mailing lists, for $87/year.

Arts/Personal web sites

A web site and one email account is available to artists, musicians and for personal use, for $25/year.


Domain Name Service (DNS) is available for any organization, business, or person in the Blacksburg area. See the DNS page for more information.

MSAP (Multimedia Services Access Point)

The Blacksburg MSAP is offered as a community service to ISPs. The MSAP can provide dramatic network performance improvements for data traffic that does not have to leave Blacksburg (i.e. local Internet traffic).

Mailing lists

Additional mailing lists are available to our Community Connections customers for $12/year.


The BEV provides a Usenet newsgroup server with several local groups. Posting to these groups is provided as a free service.

Online forums

Online forums (discussion groups) are available for community and civic organizations for $65/year.

Streaming audio/video

The BEV is currently experimenting with providing streaming audio and video as a community service. If your group or organization is interested in trying this service out as an experiment, write to BEV Info.