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Fees, Policies and Procedures

BEV is not adding services for new customers at the current time. We are continuing to support existing customers.

The Blacksburg MSAP

Policies and Procedures for the MSAP

  1. Fees and services
    1. Standard T1 connection T1 circuit supplied by customer. VT will provide CSU interface and router port. Customer (or customer's agent) to pay all costs associated with each T1 circuit up to the demarcation point within the Cassell Coliseum MPOP. Virginia Tech will pay costs to extend each T1 circuit from the demarc to a router port.
      • One time connection fee: $1600
      • NAP monthly port cost: $261
    2. Standard 10BaseT connection DSL or other circuit to the MSAP 10BaseT switch in Cassell Coliseum supplied by customer. Customer must provide any media conversion/equipment needed to convert circuit to standard 10BaseT port. VT/CNS will provide a 10BaseT patch cable from customer equipment to switch. Any customer access to the Cassell switch room to install equipment is provided on a time and materials basis at $50/hour, with a one hour minimum.
      • One time connection fee: $200
      • MSAP monthly port cost: $261
    3. Standard Gigabit Ethernet connection Single mode fiber supplied by customer to the VT fiber demarcation point at Turner Street manhole (e.g. via KMC fiber). VT will provide the jumper to connect from our STIC to the GigE switch (an FC-SC jumper). The port fee includes the fiber rental from the manhole to Shanks. The connection fee includes the GBIC interface on the GigE switch.
      • One time connection fee: $1000
      • MSAP monthly port cost: $375
  2. Peering Peering with Virginia Tech is provided as part of the basic service. Service providers may peer with any other MSAP-connected service provider by announcing routes to the VT route server connected to the MSAP (,
  3. Ordering service
    1. The BEV office handles customer service orders and routine customer information requests. MSAP order form can be filled out at the BEV office or faxed in. BEV office will bill via standard CNS billing procedures.
    2. MSAP customers must provide a billing/administrative contact when requesting service, including a contact name, surface mail address, voice and fax phone numbers, and a Federal tax ID number.
    3. MSAP customers must designate a primary and alternate technical contact, including (for each) a contact name, surface mail address, email address, voice and fax phone numbers, pager number (optional), and night and weekend voice phone numbers. Technical contacts should be able to respond to trouble reports from MSAP personnel in a timely manner (2 hours or less).
    4. Connecting circuits to the MSAP If a telephone circuit is needed (e.g. a T1 line or a DSL circuit) to connect to the MSAP, customers must specify the designation as Cassell Coliseum room 203, MPOP2. It is strongly suggested that customers contact the local Corporate Account Manager for Verizon at Phone: 540-265-5043. The localll CAM can eliminate confusion on the part of someone writing an order at Verizon for services terminating at one of Virginia Tech's MPOPs. The contact person for the Verizon order should be Ray Stell (, since the circuit will be terminated at Virginia Tech.
    5. Start of service and billing anniversary date Start of service will be the first working day following the connection of the T1 circuit or Ethernet circuit to the MSAP. The billing anniversary date will be one calendar year from the start of service date.
  4. Termination of service Termination orders must be submitted at the BEV office in writing or by using the online form. Termination orders must be submitted in writing or via email 45 days prior to circuit disconnection. Virginia Tech will confirm all termination requests in writing or via email within one week of receiving such request.
  5. Service policies
    1. Spam Operators of domains connected to the MSAP must conform to standards of network conduct as described in the Acceptable Use Policy. Furthermore, domain operators must require the users of their service to conform to those same standards. In particular, unsolicited e-mail advertising a domain connected to the MSAP will not be tolerated, whether the e-mail originates from a MSAP-connected domain or not. The MSAP managers may at any time determine that a domain is engaging in unacceptable use, and MSAP management may at any time discontinue service for such domains at MSAP management's sole discretion.
    2. Appropriate IP routing and filtering policies Operators of IP networks connected to the MSAP must apply IP routing and filtering policies in accordance with Virginia Tech standards of operation. Routing problems that are determined to be caused by mis-configured customer equipment and that require CNS diagnostic and/or technical support to diagnose or repair will be subject to hourly repair charges at the standard CNS diagnostic rate of $40/hour.
    3. Length of service Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg Electronic Village are offering MSAP services to the local community as a university research project to determine the technical and economic development aspects of such services. Virginia Tech will provide the base level peering service with the university at least through December 31st, 2002. After that date, Virginia Tech may elect to continue the service, move it into the private sector, or may adjust rates to more accurately reflect the actual costs of operating the MSAP. Communications Network Services (CNS) and the Blacksburg Electronic Village are part of Virginia Tech Information Systems, and provide services on a strict cost recovery basis.