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Adult Foster Care

210 Pepper St S # B

New community solutions for today's aging and disabled citizens of Montgomery County. For years they have been the ones providing the care. It's our turn to show that we care. Open your home and become a resource for an adult today!


Cozy Home Haven

7437 Peppers Ferry Boulevard

A positive alternative to larger nursing homes. Providing elite care for seniors of the New River Valley since 1993. Come see what a difference personal attention can make. Call Valorie @ 639-5831


Creation Coach, Life Coaching Service

9163 Sugar Run Rd NE

Want Someone to Talk to But Don't Want a Therapist? I've been a certified Life coach since 2000 and former therapist from 1981 to 1998. Sadly 45% of all Americans find themselves with no one to talk to at some point in their life.


Mutual of Omaha

2772 Electric Road #3

For more than 90 years; Mutual of Omaha has helped millions of American families reach their goals and plan for a secure future. Call today for more information about the new Critical Illness that Pays You For Living!


Shadowlake Village

1741 Ginger Lane

Join our intentional neighborhood where families, single people and retirees live together in a community where you know your neighbors and interact regularly! A blend of privacy and community in a beautiful Blacksburg location.


Warm Hearth Village

1000 Litton Lane

A Senior community

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