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Creation Coach, Life Coaching Service

Location: Creation Coach
9163 Sugar Run Rd NE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

Want Someone to Talk to But Don't Want a Therapist? I've been a certified Life coach since 2000 and former therapist from 1981 to 1998. Sadly 45% of all Americans find themselves with no one to talk to at some point in their life. Everyone needs someone to talk to. Why? * Stress * Loneliness * Empty Nest * Retirement * Divorce * Family Strife * Lack of Friends and Community * Financial Instability * No One to Brainstorm Ideas With * Affair * Unrequited Love * Concerns for the Future * Menopause or Hormonal Imbalances * Troubling Changes in Self Image * Lack of Self Esteem * Chronic Illness * Insomnia * Thinking Too Much * Loss of a Loved One or a Pet * Loss or Lack of Identity * No Authentic Purpose * Worries About Health * Call now. (540) 239-5612 $42/session

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