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Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants

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AMSOIL SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS AMSOIL DEALER - RUSTY HUDNALL ( 540 ) 382-6197AMSOIL INC. specializes in manufacturing and marketing fuel efficient; long life lubricants and automotive products for home and industry. AMSOIL introduced the first fully tested and approved API Service SE; CC (now SG; CC; CD) 100% Synthetic Engine Oil on the market over a decade ago. Today; we lead the industry with a full line of synthetic and partial synthetic lubricants that are far superior to conventional oils.By utilizing over a decade of experience and the most advanced lubrication technology; AMSOIL "builds" its lubricants from the molecules up to provide you with the best long life; energy efficient performance money can buy. 100% Synthetic Motor Oil $4.95/quartSAE 10W-40 - API Service SG; CC; CD For all gasoline and light duty diesel engines Turbo-formulated Shear Stable 25;000 miles or one year drain intervals Improves fuel economy Reduces engine wear Very low pour point to ease sub-zero starting Keeps engines clean for improved performance The ULTIMATE in engine lubrication100% Synthetic Motor Oil $4.95/quartSAE 10W-30 - API Service SG; CC; CD Designed for the severe demands of turbocharged and non-turbocharged engines Excellent for all small; hardworking engines; gasoline and diesel Improves fuel economy Eases sub-zero starting (extremely low pour point) Provides exceptional engine protection at all temperatures Reduces friction; heat and wear Shear Stable----------------------------------------------------------------------------OTHER GREAT PRODUCTS100% Synthetic Motor Oil - SAE 5W-30 - API Service SG; CC; CD $4.95Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil - SAE 10W-40 - API Service SG; CC; CD $3.95Synthetic Diesel Oil - SAE 30 - API Service CC; CD-II; CE; SG - 12 TBN Semi-Synthetic Gasoline & Diesel Engine Oil - SAE 15W-40 - API Service SG; CD-II; CE; CF-4Synthetic Racing Oil - SAE 20W-50 - API Service SG; CC; CD $6.50Synthetic Marine Engine Oil - SAE 15W-40 - API Service SG; CD-II; CE; CF-4 $4.25Synthetic Polymer Food Grade GreaseSynthetic Compressor OilsSynthetic Automatic Transmission FluidSynthetic Hydraulic FluidSynthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission OilSynthetic Lithium Complex GreasesSynthetic Gear LubesAmsoil Reusable Air FiltersFoam Filter OilEngine Oil FiltersThe Amsoil Spin-On By-Pass Oil FilterDual Remote Filtration System MountDual-Guard By-Pass Oil Filtration MountBy-Pass Oil FilterDiesel Fuel Additive ConcentrateCetane BoostSynthetic 2-Cycle OilsMP Metal ProtectorPower Foam Carburetor and Engine CleanerP.I. Performance ImproverDiesel Fuel ModifierHome Heating Fuel ExtenderSynthetic Marine Gear LubeEngine Flush and Crankcase CleanerBar and Chain Oil------------- Please call for additional prices Rusty Hudnall; AMSOIL Dealer (540) 382-619755 South Surry Circle chudnall@bev.netChristiansburg; VA 24073.