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What's new?

New logo!

The new Blacksburg Electronic Village site and logo were designed and developed by BEV Web Support, our undergraduate web development team.

Find local businesses and organizations

The old Village Mall and Organization Directory was a little overwhelming. We've tried to make it easier for you to search and find the business you're looking for. You can select any business place or an organization from the drop down.

Add your own business or organization

We've made it easier to add your own business or organization to the directories. Once in the directory, you now have the ability to edit your listing. All you need is to register for a Villager account.

New Directory Listings

Each business or organization now gets its own page. This page contains a little more information than the quick listings, and allows you to post your logo, address, and even create a map to your location just by entering the street address. While logged in, you can also find out how popular your listing is by checking how many times it's been viewed.


The current weather (as provided by an RSS feed) is displayed visually in the town-scape banner above the main navigation bar. It will reflect various weather conditions, the season and the approximate time of day. A small textual display of the current temperature and conditions appears at the very top of the banner to the right of the main BEV logo. This text is also a link to the National Weather Service; click on it to see their Blacksburg Forecast page.